World’s largest tidal bore knocks down scooter rider, swamps dozens; video

The world’s largest tidal bore is found in China’s Qiantang River where it flows into Hangzhou Bay, making it a popular locale for tourists attempting to view the natural phenomenon.

A tidal bore is the leading edge of an incoming tide, a wave of water that pushes up river against its natural flow.

The Silver Dragon or Black Dragon, as the tidal bore is referred to by locals at the Qiantang River, reportedly can be upwards to 30-feet high and travel up to 25 miles per hour.

So you don’t want to be standing along the river in certain areas known for the wave cascading over seawalls. Or do you?

Dozens of spectators lined a seawall recently with cameras in hand waiting for the magical moment. As the wave approached, many raced away to safety, but others weren’t so lucky.

The water crashed into and over the wall with such force it knocked a scooter rider down and sent the scooter up the street. It also knocked down people and sent them scurrying for cover.

The Mirror reported that there were no casualties.

Except for the scooter.


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