This Man Survived After Nearly 29 Hours Lost at Sea

Food poisoning turned potentially deadly after Brett Archibald ended up lost at sea for nearly 29 hours.

Food poisoning turned potentially deadly after a man ended up lost at sea for nearly 29 hours.

Brett Archibald says that he got up one night while on a charter boat and went to get sick over the side when he lost his footing and fell into the water. He recounted his harrowing experience from 2013 on the Today show’s “True Grit”series this week.

Archibald told the show, he had been hallucinating, stung by jellyfish and fighting cramps and dehydration. He swam with the current, recited cell phone contacts and sang Elton John songs to pass the time, he said.

Archibald stayed in the water for more than a day before a search boat eventually caught up to him, and said a medic onboard told him he only had about an hour left to live if they had not found him.

He said his experience led him to reflect on the kind of person and father he was through conversations he had with God.

“The first conversations were very anger-driven. I scream. I can’t even use the profanities that I used in that ocean. And then they evolved to reassessing my life. I reflected, I hadn’t been a good person. I thought I was a great father and husband, but when I was faced with reality, I hadn’t been,” Archibald told Today.

His story of being lost at sea was also documented in his book Alone: Lost Overboard in the Indian Ocean.


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