Forget mega yachts — this mobile private island just upped the ante on billionaire toys

part-massive-yacht-part-private-island-kokomo-ailand-has-all-the-trappings-of-a-luxury-resortYacht design has gotten pretty extravagant in recent years, but nothing compares to Kokomo Ailand.

More mobile island than yacht, Kokomo is a floating, semi-submersed vessel with a level of luxury that rivals a four-star resort. According to renderings, the “private floating habitat” features multiple decks andamenities, a sky-high penthouse suite, and a beach club.

The company behind it, Migaloo Private Submarines, hasn’t received any orders yet, but it claims Kokomo can be built to specification immediately with existing technology. According to a representative, “the price depends strongly on the client’s wishes.”

Full Story at Business Insider

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