One dead, dozens of Campeche fishermen lost after sudden whirlwind at sea

CIUDAD DEL CARMEN, CAMPECHE — Dozens of fishermen are lost at sea after a small tornado hit the shores of Isla del Carmen, Campeche. One fisherman, José de la Cruz Hernández, 50 years old, was reported dead after being transported to a local hospital.

The fishermen, who sailed Tuesday April 19 from Emiliano Zapata Colonia, in Atasta Peninsula, off the northeast tip of Isla del Carmen, were aboard at least 11 boats when they were surprised by rain, wind and strong waves.

Julio Sanchez, director of Civil Protection for Isla del Carmen, said: “We are talking about 35 to 40 fishermen, then there are five people right now who have been rescued.”

Five fishermen managed to swim back to shore and were taken to a hospital in Atasta Peninsula.

Sanchez said. “They have rescued five people who are reported to have swimmed to safety, some were found in the sea, we do not know the estimate, there is no official result, so that the situation is serious. ”

In the city of Ciudad del Carmen, the winds reached 70 kilometers per hour, causing falling trees and lampposts.

Explaining the impact of the surprise tornado, Sanchez said: “Bad weather was not announced, there was no northern wind, there was no situation of a cold front.”

In operations to search for the fishermen, three Mexican Navy ships as well as fishing boats in the region have been involved.



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