Fishermen snag great white shark in accidental catch off New Zealand

great-white-shark-Daniel-McDonaldTwo fishermen in New Zealand were shocked when their boat began leaning to one side, pulled down by the weight of a great white shark they accidentally snagged in a crayfish pot line, which they were winching to the surface.

Daniel McDonald and his brother-in-law George Eivers were fishing Sunday between Bare Island and Waimarama on the east side of the North Island when they made the shocking, unintended catch, according to the New Zealand Herald.

The great white shark got its tail tangled in the line of the crayfish pot, so when the fishermen winched the pot to the surface, the great white shark came up tail first.

They stopped the winch and, after McDonald quickly snapped some photos, untangled the great white shark, which “swam away quite happily,” McDonald told the Herald.

Fortunately the fishermen released the shark when they did because it could have drowned in less than an hour, as sharks need to swim constantly to get oxygen.

“It kicked a couple of times and threw us towards the boat as we were hanging over the side, but because it was hanging upside down it took a bit of the sting out of it,” McDonald told the Herald.

“I think we were running on adrenaline — we were laughing our heads off because we couldn’t believe what happened.”


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