Circular Wind Patterns May Be Reason Behind Formation Of Massive Rogue Waves, Studies Show

For centuries, rogue waves have been recorded in both folklore and literature but have never been given any scientific thought until the last few decades. With the use of new technology added to theoretical models in both Mathematics and Physics, it seems that scientists are on the verge of discovering the causes of these massive rogue waves. The culprit – it may be random, circular wind patterns.

According to a report from Digital Trends, new studies may have created both a mathematical model and a wave simulation machine to study the behavior and origins of these rogue waves. They have created waves through the simulation of various external factors and have found that circular wind patterns have created wave behavior most similar to massive rogue waves. Instead of using mechanical paddles to stimulate the creation of waves, the scientists have used simulated wind behavior to check if it will create the same behavior.

The problem with this is that these kinds of wind patterns are rare in most parts of the world other than Antarctica. The issue is that massive rogue waves can happen in almost any place in the world. As such, further study is needed to come up with a more conclusive answer.

According to a report from the Smithsonian Magazine, massive rogue waves can go as high as 30 meters. These kinds of waves are random, tall waves that are considered to be more than twice the size of the waves within its close proximity.

Eyewitness accounts often describe these kinds of waves as storm-like or tsunami-like, which means that they are waves that look like they have been caused by strong winds due to a storm or an earthquake. However, the difference is that there are no evident external factors that have caused such a behavior of water in the middle of the deep ocean.


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