Breaking News Update: U.S. Coast Guard continues its search for 8th victim after boating accident

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, AL-  Authorities say a 77-year-old female is dead, one still missing and several others injured after a pontoon boat was hit by a barge on Wilson Lake.

The U.S. Coast Guard continued its search this morning looking for the 8th victim.

Authorities say the accident happened around 10:15 p.m. Saturday night one mile East of Wilson Dam.

The victims told police the pontoon boat stalled just before it was impacted by the barge.

Crew members on the barge were able to rescue six victims. They were transported to Shoals area hospitals.

According to Alabama Marine Police, a 7th victim was located after midnight and pronounced dead on the scene. The search continues for the 8th victim.

WHNT has a crew following this story, we will provide updates as soon as information is available.


Alexandra Carter, WHNT


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