Breaching whale’s near-miss with small tourist boat caught on video

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July 18 (UPI) — A man vacationing with his family off Australia captured the moment a humpback whale breached and nearly landed on a small boat.

Mark Collins said he was on vacation with his family near Exmouth, Western Australia, when he started filming a whale swimming near a dinghy July 7.

The video, posted to YouTube, shows the whale breach the surface of the water and nearly land atop the small boat. The whale instead splashes the small boat with a massive wave, soaking the onlookers.

“My wife and family friends wanted me to take them all whale watching,” Collins told the West Australian. “My 12 year old son absolutely loved the experience, it was very spectacular when it happened but immediately afterwards it dawned on us how close to tragedy it was.”

“But it was great there was lots of whales up there and lots of encounters fishing, you could be drifting around fishing and a whale will appear right next to you,” he said.


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